The Herman Van De Weyers or Joseph Van De Weyers as they are sometimes known were first introduced to us by close Family Friend Steve Taylor of Coppull, Chorley in the mid 1990’s. Steve at this time was winning almost every race he entered in tough top class competition, due to his poor agility he only timed one or two pigeons out of the 10 or so that would home together. Steve bred us a few racers and these were instantly successful for us. Steve’s best pal was and still is Bob Smith who in turn was a close friend of well renowned Fancier Alwyn Paddy and it is from Alwyn that Bob and Steves Van De Weyer family came from. Steve was forced due to poor health to have an entire clearance sale which was attended by Fanciers from all over the UK, a testiment to the quality of the Van De Weyers and their racing ability. At his sale we acquired a small number of his proven breeders of 1st prize winners and these were to form the basis of our Herman Van De Weyer stock. We also introduced the Van De Weyers from other sources in 1996 – 1999, the Derek Mitcham lines from JR Sutton Congleton, Ward Brothers lines from J Smith of Sth Elmsall and some excellent birds from Up North Combine winning brothers Jed and Trevor Maltby Redcar. Since 2000 introductions to our family of Van De Weyers have come from Bob Smith (Alwyn Paddy).











The £700 Hen and £700 Cock were bought by us a Steve Taylors entire clearance sale, both had raced and won 1st prizes for him and were a proven breeding pair having bred 1st prize winners for Steve. This pair of Herman Van De Weyers were both bred in 1994 and are responsible for numerous prize winners for us over the years and many Scottish Fanciers have children off this pair breeding them winners. Their daughter Latona winner of 1st prizes is now one of our main Herman Van De Weyer stock hens breeding winners at all levels of competition inc. Puffing Billy winner of Old Lodge HS YB Open Ticket Race 2006.



Sadly died 2009
Her blood runs through our stock loft.


Venus is our No 1 Herman Van De Weyer stock hen who was a fantastic racer winning 23 prizes including many 1st prizes on both land and channel, she won a Meritorious Award for combined land and channel performances in 2000. Sadly the French racing ban was imposed on UK Fanciers in 2001 and she was not raced that year across the channel when at three years old she would have been at her peak.

Her performances during her racing career are as follows.

North West Homing Union Meritorious Award Winner 2000

Multiple Land & Channel Performancs

3rd Club & 23rd Fed Kempsey 112 miles

10th Club Cheltenham 128 miles

1st Club & 17th Fed Cheltenham 128 miles

44th Open Ticket Race Hullavington 170 miles

8th Club Kempsey 112 miles

1st Club Kempsey 112 miles

1st Club Kempsey 112 miles

1st Club & 5th Fed Wincanton 180 miles

3rd Club, 6th Fed & 10th Combine Vire 350 miles

9th Club Cheltenham 128 miles

27th Open Race Cheltenham 128 miles

2nd Section West & 6th Open North West Grand National Messac 409 miles

9th Club Cannock 70 miles

10th Club Cannock 70 miles

3rd Club & 15th Fed Kempsey 112 miles

3rd Club Frome 170 miles

Dad, Vic chose not to send her across in 2002 after a one year break but put her in the stock loft. She has been paired to a couple of different cocks but without a doubt she has produced her best pigeons when paired to our Janssen stock cock Chantilly Boy. She is dam to the following pigeons (just a few examples)

Chantilly Lad

Winner of RPRA NW Region short distance Award 2006

winner of 1st fed, 1st combine, 1st Section West NWCC plus 5 x 1st club plus other positions in club, fed and combine 

Venus Classic

Winner of 14 prizes at 2 addresses  bred in 2003 raced at old address then moved to new address 2004 stopped and raced winning 1st Section West & 23rd Open NWCC Falaise 2004

Golden Venus

Winner of 8 prizes inc. 1st Section West & 23rd Open Bamfords Gold Ring YB Spectacular 2005 winning in excess of £600

Chantilly Blue

Nestmate to Chantilly Lad

Winner of 2nd club, 3rd Section West & 3rd Open NWCC Lulworth

2nd Club & 13th Fed

plus other minor prizes


Sadly died 2009
His Grandson White Star
 has took his place in our stock loft. 
(photo below)


Jupiter a beautiful gay pied cock was bred by us in 1998 from 09 a son off The White Hen winner of many prizes for Steve Taylor inc. Fed Ace Young Bird 1994 she was sold at Steve's sale for £300. Jupiter's dam was blue hen no 13 bred and raced by J Smith Sth Elmsall winning 2 x 2nds, 4th and 6th plus other Dearne Fed positions and purchased by us in 1997. Jupiter was an excellent racer winning 4 x 1st 3 x 2nd 3rd & 2 x 4th Club and 2 x 1st 3rd and 2 x 4th Fed plus many other minor Club and Fed positions. He has proven his worth as a breeder being sire to many prize winners when paired to different hens never failing to produce every year. In 2006 we was paired to Van De Weyer Latona and is the sire to Puffing Billy.
















We are Featured in The BHW Stud Book 2007 page 129




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