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The Super Sprinters

Our stock all originate from the first generation of

 Louis Cooremans family of

lightening fast racing pigeons.


During 1998 we decided to begin looking for a family of super sprinters that we could introduce to our lofts, over two years we looked at many families of pigeons in the UK and on the Continent but to no avail. It was an advertisement published by Bob Fenech for the lightening fast Cooremans that caught our eye and we visited his stand at the BWH Show 2000. Bob was show casing his newly acquired team of Louis Cooreman stock birds and also had a few select pairs of direct Cooremans for sale. We were so impressed with the look and handling of these birds that we immediately ordered a team of youngsters off the best stock birds. We also purchased a pair of direct birds, Newgate Theo son of Theo and Bourges duivin and Anita a first prize winner for Louis and a direct daughter off his golden breeding pair Tap and Benita. This pair of pigeons have proved to be our Golden pair producing winners from their very first nest and there are now many sons, daughters and grandchildren off this pair in our stock loft breeding winners. We then purchased at Bobís entire clearance sale the year after an number of direct Louis Cooremans that were proven breeders including Baziel, Jonge Stavros, Briunens Doll and Grizeldar. Only the best have been retained for stock and all the Cooremans at stock are breeding winners for us at 90 to 220 miles and other Fanciers in their land races. These are good honest pigeons that live up to their name of lightening fast but donít be misled into thinking they are only fast in a tail wind, they excel in any wind and in any weather conditions.

We have at stock sons and daughters off some of Louis Cooremans original principle pigeons inc.

Tap, Benita, Buinen 92, Theo, Bourges duivin, Guyzen, Stavros, Braven, Toro, Tammen, Stefanie, Steffi II, Jaron, Double I and Fenomeen.


A selection of Louis Cooremans

We Have In Our Stock Loft


The Daddy of our Louis Cooreman Stock


' The Golden Cock '


Direct Louis Cooreman

Son of THEO and Bourges Duivin

This cock was bred by Louis Cooreman and purchased by us at BHW Show on the year 2000. He bred winners right from his first coupling when paired to Anita and has continued to do so when paired to her and other hens. We have six sons and daughters and five grandchildren off this cock in the stock loft breeding prizewinners for us and other Fanciers. He is our ' Golden Cock ' not many pigeons breed winners and even less breed winners that breed winners that breed winners. In our opinion this line of Louis Cooremans birds are some of  the best to come out of  Louis's loft,  they are from the 1st Generation of Lightening Fast Cooremans.

For the 2008 Season Newgate Theo is paired to his Grandaughter.




Daughter of

Newgate Theo and Anita

Nikita was put to stock at the end of the 2005 Season after an extremeley successfull racing career.

She is Dam of Brave Nikita

New Lancs Fed ACE YOUNG BIRD 2006

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for Brave Nikita racing performances

Also Dam of All the Eights

2nd Club, 3rd Fed & 13th Combine Kempsey 112 miles

4th Old Lodge YB Ticket Open Race 2006 winning 153.50




Daughter of

Newgate Theo and Anita

Bred by us and selcted prior to the young bird season as pure class and put to stock.

This was a very wise move as this hen not only breeds winners but many of her children are now at stock also breeding winners for us and other Fanciers.




Son of

Newgate Theo and Anita

Dakota was put to stock at the end of the 2005 Season after an extremeley successfull racing career winning many prizes including 1st prizes.

He is Sire of The Pencil Cock

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for The Pencil Cock racing performances




Direct Louis Cooreman

Daughter of

Bruinen 92 and Liege Meuleman

This hen has bred numerous prize winners with different cocks.




Direct Louis Cooreman

Son of

GUYZEN winner of 10 x 1sts and 23 prizes for Louis

( Son of Papjong and Petra)


BLAUW DUIVEN winner of 7 prizes for Louis

 ( Daughter of Tap and Benita)

This Cock is bred from the absolute best of Louis Cooremans stock. Grandparents to this cock are PAPJONG, PETRA, TAP and BENITA. Great Grandparents to this cock are RODEN, ZUSTER FENOMEEN, PREBEN, ELS, TAMMEN, ZWART WITPEN, BILL and Neksken. Grizeldar has bred numerous 1st prize winners.




Breed from Direct Louis Cooremans Braven and Fenomeen.

Grandson of Steffi 1

Braven 94 was bred by Bob Fenech and purchased by us in 2000 as a youngster. He has bred many 1st prize winners for us including Brave Nikita and The Spotted Headed Hen, he is also the Grand Sire of many winners including the fantastic racing cock The Pencil Cock


No Photo Available

Bred by Bob Fenech

Daughter of

Toro (Son of Staaf & Mia)



  CISSELEY was bred by Bob Fenech in 2000 and was one of the consignment of youngsters we purchased that year. She was retained for stock and has proved her worth as a breeder over the years producing 1st prizewinners at Club, Federation and Combine level with different cocks. Her Daughter The Spotted Headed Hen is also in our stock loft breeding winners including The Pencil Cock winner of 1st club, 1st Fed and 1st Combine. 


We are Featured in The BHW Stud Book 2007 page 129




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